Matthew Russo, trombonist & educator

Instructor of Trombone, University of Connecticut

relaunch, new columns and features

Welcome to the relaunch of my personal website! I’ve spent a bit of time re-tooling the look and feel of the site. Nerds everywhere will rejoice to know that it’s completely mobile-responsive, so you can view it on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or whatever and it’ll look great on all devices. Those who don’t care about that stuff will notice tweaks here and there that will make it a bit easier to navigate.

I’ve been working on three new features that I will be launching on the site in the next few weeks. The first is a weekly column on warm ups and exercises, “Weekly Warmup.” My goal is to make these accessible for students of all ages, with plans to make the exercises scalable for varying levels. The second is a bi-weekly column combining two areas that trombonists across the globe love; beer and recordings. “On Tap” features a recording of a work, known or unknown, or occasionally full album reviews that I pair with craft beers. I’ll discuss what makes the recording (and the beer!) worthwhile to have in your collection (or your fridge). Lastly is a monthly column where I will discuss specific performance considerations of new works for trombone. This column “Score Call,” will start with a few of my commissions, but like the title, I’d like to hear from anyone who has written something for trombone. I’ll spend a month digesting the piece and then I’ll put together a recording as best as I can for your ears and for the composer. This is going to be a really fun project that ties into my ambition to continue to feature the trombone as a main solo instrument by our modern composers.

I’ll periodically write general blog posts about the business, trombone playing, or excerpts from my doctoral dissertation throughout 2015.

I hope you’ll continue to visit the site and check out the columns as they go up. Feel free to share this and future posts by clicking the share buttons below, and comment in the comments section if you have requests, suggestions, thoughts or attaboys.




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