Matthew Russo, trombonist & educator

Instructor of Trombone, University of Connecticut

technological marvels

Thank you all for streaming the concert yesterday! I had 9 viewers online and about 30 people in the audience. Not bad for a show during Thanksgiving Recess and in direct competition with the Yale|Harvard football game (which is a pretty big deal). It’s amazing how easy it was to stream the concert, after dealing with some initial equipment things. Once I figured out what I was using for it, the actual process of streaming it was really easy. It’s got me thinking about using this simulcast process to put on short mini-recitals every few weeks. It would certainly keep me on my toes, and would be pretty interesting. Let me mill this over and I’ll consider doing the first mini-concert this December.

The recital was a success, and a great pleasure. I have some audio/video recordings and as I get them all straightened out I’ll put some clips on the site. Thanks again! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.