Matthew Russo, trombonist & educator

Instructor of Trombone, University of Connecticut

one day more…

I’m nearing the end of the road here in Chatham, MA. Here’s a few things about my experience since I came here 13 days ago:

  1. The ocean reflects a ton of light, an alarming amount of light, and it makes my room roast.
  2. All this light makes it very difficult to stay asleep in the morning.
  3. Heavy denim drapes do a great job keeping out the light in the morning.
  4. Heavy denim drapes make it so dark that you sleep until 12:30.
  5. Monomoy Theatre is extremely well organized, and filled with talent.
  6. I don’t feel like a tourist here, and seeing tourists around makes my blood boil.
  7. I love reading, and should really do more of that.
  8. Man of La Mancha may seem like an odd show at first, but is actually quite charming.
  9. To quote Alan Rust “There is not enough oxygen in Chatham for this show.”
  10. The rape scene is really uncomfortable, but also surprisingly elegant.
  11. I’ve seen people leave the show because of the rape scene.
  12. I imagine those people go home and watch Dexter, Glee, or any other number of shows on TV that include explicit and suggestive scenes, and watch it with no problem.
  13. Kids probably should go see the show though…
  14. A two-show day is an extreme test of endurance.
  15. Air is everything, and I’m lousy at it.
  16. Playing four different books in the show is a definite way to keep yourself busy.
  17. Bassoon parts in musicals are super fun, especially on trombone.
  18. Nearly everything closes after 11.
  19. Being without internet for 2 weeks was a blessing.
  20. I haven’t felt like I wasted time once when I was here…until right now.

Here’s another shot of the sky the other day. So beautiful. I’ll try to update again tomorrow before I head back to CT, to the Norfolk Festival on Sunday.